origination page

This is a page that, hopefully, will never go down, or switch ISPs, or expire, etc. Therefore, you should bookmark this site if you want a permanent link to all of the sites - Theta Pi Software, DigInt, Life to a Beat, and all other future sites.

My local webserver no longer exists, as the Raspberry Pi it was running on has been repurposed.

Status as of 11/6/19: Main websites are operating normally.

Current Links:
Theta Pi Software (Security scripts)
Digint (Electronic music)
Life to a Beat (Electronica radio show archived info/playlists)
(incredibly outdated) Security Essays, PGP Keys, etc.
My Business (Enrolled Agent)

Blast from the Past Audio: Spookemuppa Quake

Mirrors for Security Scripts: Natural Language Password Generation - Online Encryption - Cryptogram Puzzle Generator - Recombinative Password Generator

Want to get in contact with me? you can send me email , or to my email (just be aware I don't check it all that often). For business inquiries, please use the contact information on my business site. I am also available on Signal/Wire/XMPP/etc., contact info available by request.